CLI text processing with GNU grep and ripgrep book announcement


I am pleased to announce a new version of my CLI text processing with GNU grep and ripgrep ebook. Examples, exercises, solutions, descriptions and external links were added/updated/corrected. The chapter on ripgrep was changed significantly to focus mostly on the differences compared to GNU grep.

This book will help you learn these commands step-by-step from beginner to advanced levels with hundreds of examples and exercises.

100+ Interactive Python Regex Exercises

Having an interactive program that automatically loads questions and checks the solution is wonderful to have while learning a topic. This TUI app has beginner to advanced level exercises for Python regular expressions. There are more than 100 exercises covering both the builtin re and third-party regex module.

Sample screenshot for Python regex exercises

Understanding Python re(gex)? book announcement


I just published a new version of "Understanding Python re(gex)?" ebook. I caught up to new features like possessive quantifiers, corrected many mistakes, improved examples, exercises and so on.

This book will help you learn Python Regular Expressions step-by-step from beginner to advanced levels with hundreds of examples and exercises. The standard library re and the third-party regex module are covered in this book.

Python Regex Surprises

In this post, you'll find a few regular expression examples that might surprise you. Some are Python specific and some are applicable to other regex flavors as well. To make it more interesting, these are framed as questions for you to ponder upon. Answers are hidden by default.

Python Regex Surprises

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info If you are not familiar with regular expressions, check out my Understanding Python re(gex)? ebook.

2022: year in perspective

TL;DR: Published two programming ebooks, wrote several blog posts, recorded plenty of Youtube videos, newsletter prospered, improved Twitter audience, read 100+ novels, and so on. Had an excellent year in terms of ebook sales 😇

Building TUIs with textual: first impressions

Last week, I finally started exploring textual. The main motivation was to start implementing a few project ideas I've had in my todo list for years. I don't particularly have a preference between TUI (terminal user interface) and GUI (graphical user interface) for these projects. Seeing a few Textual demos on twitter (courtesy Will McGugan) over the past few months, I felt like exploring this framework first.

For my first app, I picked a 4x4 board game — like Tic Tac Toe but form a square instead of a line. I came up with this variation in high school and been fond of coding it since college days.

Computing from the Command Line book announcement


I am pleased to announce my thirteenth ebook Computing from the Command Line. This is the longest book I've published so far (203 pages) and it took me more than 7 months to complete the first version.

This ebook aims to teach Linux command line tools and Shell Scripting for beginner to intermediate level users. The main focus is towards managing your files and performing text processing tasks. Plenty of examples are provided to make it easier to understand a particular tool and its various features. Exercises at the end of chapters will help you practice what you've learned and solutions are provided for reference. I hope this ebook would make it much easier for you to discover CLI tools, features and learning resources than my own blundering experience.