Vim Reference Guide book announcement


I am pleased to announce my twelfth ebook Vim Reference Guide. This is intended as a concise learning resource for beginner to intermediate level Vim users. It has more in common with cheatsheets than a typical text book. Topics like Regular Expressions and Macros have more detailed explanations and examples due to their complexity. I hope this guide would make it much easier for you to discover Vim features and learning resources than my own blundering experience.

Automating Excel with Python - book review

In this post, I review Automating Excel with Python by Michael Driscoll. From the introduction chapter of this book:

The purpose of this book is to help you learn how to use Python to work with Excel. You will be using a package called OpenPyXL to create, read, and edit Excel documents with Python. While the focus of this book will be on OpenPyXL, you will also learn about other Python packages that you can use to interact with Excel using the Python programming language.

2021 was a wild ride

TL;DR: Started and ended the year well, with a depressing period in the middle. Published three programming ebooks, several blog posts, started a newsletter, improved Twitter readership, read 80+ novels, and so on. Had a good year in terms of ebook sales 😇