You never know where a conversation between indie authors will lead to. A tweet about Leanpub Python book sales brought up giveaways that we indie authors tend to do. Long story short, the four of us ended up deciding to create The Indie Python Extravaganza bundle.

And guess what?! You can use this pytober coupon link to get the bundle for FREE (the offer is valid till 31-Oct-2021).

Bundle contentsπŸ”—

A collection of books that will help you to improve your knowledge of the Python programming language one page at a time. Join four indie authors in a journey from the basics of Python to the structure of production-ready systems, going through the core features of the language, some intermediate projects and a deep dive into regular expressions.

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In this bundle, Mike will teach you the basics of Python with Python 101. Sundeep will then take the lead and help you to put your knowledge into practice with Practice Python Projects. Learn what NOT to do when writing your Python programs with Rodrigo in his Pydon'ts book! If you need to learn regular expressions, Sundeep has again your back with his Python re(gex)? book, and when you are ready to start working on production code, you'll have Clean Architectures in Python to help you!


How can you help?πŸ”—

Share the bundle link with your friends and colleagues interested in learning Python.

Your feedback on the book contents would be appreciated even more.

Happy learning πŸ˜‡