Know command line basics and want to learn the GNU awk command? Check out my interactive TUI app that gives a brief tour of this popular text processing command.

Sample screenshot for interactive awk tutorial


This app is available on PyPI as awktutorial. Example installation instructions are shown below, adjust them based on your preferences and OS.

# virtual environment
$ python3 -m venv textual_apps
$ cd textual_apps
$ source bin/activate
$ pip install awktutorial

# launch the app
$ awktutorial

To run the app without having to enter the virtual environment again, add this alias to .bashrc (or equivalent):

# you'll have to change the path
alias awktutorial='/path/to/textual_apps/bin/awktutorial'

As an alternative to manually managing such virtual environments, you can use instead:

$ pipx install awktutorial
$ awktutorial

As yet another alternative, you can install textual (see Textual documentation for more details), clone my TUI-apps repository repository and run the file.

Adjust the terminal dimensions for the widgets to appear properly, for example 84x25 (characters x lines).


See my CLI text processing with GNU awk ebook to learn GNU awk with hundreds of examples and exercises.


I'd highly appreciate your feedback. Please file an issue if there are bugs, crashes, etc.

Hope you'll find this TUI app useful. Happy learning :)