I've previously written about events and strategies that led to increased ebook sales during the last quarter of 2021.

Very pleased to inform that I continue to see more than expected sales during release week. My 13th ebook Computing from the Command Line was published on November 1st. Here's how the sales looked on Gumroad during the first ten days:

Ten days Gumroad sales chart

I used to offer my ebooks for free on release. For the past few releases, I have also added heavily discounted ebook bundles which seems to be the major factor in increased paid sales I'm seeing. Luck certainly plays a role too in reaching users through social media. Here are some of the ways I promoted my latest ebook:

Apart from Gumroad, 400+ readers downloaded the ebook from Leanpub and I got a few paid sales as well. I wrote about pros and cons of Gumroad/Leanpub here.

info PS: Make sure to read the rules and be a regular user before self-promoting your content on the social media platforms mentioned above.