In case you haven't yet read this nice post "Get your work recognized: write a brag document" by Julia Evans, please do that first.

I definitely found it nice to collect which of my content have reached Hacker News front page over the past 4 years. As I wrote in my book writing experience post, the responses I got for my GNU awk one-liners collection was one of the stepping stones towards my career as a technical author.

Here's the list so far, ordered by oldest first:

  1. Learn to use Awk with hundreds of examples478 points, Oct 2017, 116 comments
  2. Show HN: I wrote a book on GNU grep and ripgrep182 points, June 2019, 53 comments
  3. Show HN: I wrote a book on Python regular expressions193 points, Aug 2019, 50 comments
  4. Show HN: An eBook with hundreds of GNU Awk one-liners539 points, April 2020, 48 comments
  5. Show HN: Ruby One-Liners Cookbook191 points, Sept 2020, 36 comments
  6. Perl One-Liners Cookbook126 points, Nov 2020, 47 comments
  7. Show HN: "100 Page Python Intro" eBook107 points, Feb 2021, 26 comments
  8. Paying my bills with 'free' ebooks85 points, Mar 2021, 22 comments
  9. Show HN: "Command line text processing with GNU Coreutils" eBook117 points, Oct 2021, 20 comments
  10. Show HN: Improve your Python regex skills with 75 interactive exercises175 points, Nov 2021, 12 comments
  11. Vim prank: alias vim='vim -y'341 points, Jan 2022, 259 comments
  12. Vim Reference Guide244 points, Mar 2022, 110 comments
  13. Show HN: Interactive exercises for Linux CLI text processing commands69 points, Dec 2022, 7 comments
  14. CLI text processing with GNU awk419 points, Aug 2023, 129 comments

As is the case with other social media platforms, being an active participant on Hacker News definitely helps. Apart from commenting on other topics, I also post links to projects and resources that I felt were useful. The number of such links reaching front page outnumbers my own content links.