I just published my ebook titled "Practice Python Projects". This book presents five beginner to intermediate level projects inspired by real world use cases:

To test your understanding and to make it more interesting, you'll also be presented with exercises at the end of each project. Resources for further exploration are also mentioned throughout the book. Here's a short video about the book:

You can buy the PDF/EPUB versions of the book using these links:

You can also get the ebooks as part of Learn by example Python bundle using these links:

Practice Python Projects cover image

Web version🔗

You can also read the book online here: https://learnbyexample.github.io/practice_python_projects/preface.html.

GitHub repo🔗

The https://github.com/learnbyexample/practice_python_projects repo has program/example files, markdown source and other details about the book.


Hope you find it useful and fun to practice these Python projects. I would highly appreciate if you'd let me know how you felt about this book. It could be anything from a simple thank you, Gumroad rating, pointing out a typo, mistakes in code snippets, which aspects of the book worked for you (or didn't!) and so on. Reader feedback is essential and especially so for self-published authors.

You can reach me via:

Happy learning :)