(2023-03-20) Update: This TUI app covers many more exercises compared to the GUI app discussed below.

Still confused about Python regular expressions? Grow your confidence with Understanding Python re(gex)? ebook (FREE this month!) and an interactive GUI app.

Inspired by Advent of Code, I'll also be posting 3 challenges per day on twitter for 25 days.

Free ebook🔗

My post about the interactive GUI app made it to the Hacker News front page. To celebrate, you can get PDF/EPUB versions of my Understanding Python re(gex)? ebook for free using either of the below links. The offer is valid till 31-Dec-2021.

Or, you can use the web version if you prefer reading the book online.

Interactive GUI app🔗

Based on the Understanding Python re(gex)? book contents as well as the exercises, I made an interactive GUI app with 75 questions on re.search, re.sub, re.split and re.findall that'll test your understanding of anchors, alternation, grouping, escaping metacharacters, dot metacharacter, quantifiers, character class, grouping, lookarounds, flags, etc.

Here's some screenshots:

Python exercise example for re.search

Python exercise example for re.sub

Python exercise example for re.split

Python exercise example for re.findall

And here's a brief demo:

25 Days Of Regex🔗

If 75 exercises seem daunting to you, consider doing 3 exercises per day. Allocate some time everyday to read the book and complete 3 challenges.

I'd also be posting 3 challenges per day on twitter, where you'll be able to get help from me and fellow programmers.

Happy learning :)