I am pleased to announce my twelfth ebook Vim Reference Guide. This is intended as a concise learning resource for beginner to intermediate level Vim users. It has more in common with cheatsheets than a typical text book. Topics like Regular Expressions and Macros have more detailed explanations and examples due to their complexity. I hope this guide would make it much easier for you to discover Vim features and learning resources than my own blundering experience.

Release offers🔗

To celebrate the release, Vim Reference Guide is FREE to download till 31-Mar-2022. You can still pay if you wish ;)

Some of my ebooks and bundles are on sale as well till 31-Mar-2022:

Video playlist🔗

I'm currently creating short 1-3 minute videos highlighting handy Vim features.

I also made a 3.5 minute video about the guide:

Vim prank🔗

Did you know that Vim has an easy mode? It can be rather hard to use for those already familiar with Vim modes. I wrote a blog post about this mode, which was interesting enough to reach front page of Hacker News!

Table of Contents🔗

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Insert mode
  4. Normal mode
  5. Command-line mode
  6. Visual mode
  7. Regular Expressions
  8. Macro
  9. Customizing Vim
  10. CLI options

Web version🔗

You can also read the book online here: https://learnbyexample.github.io/vim_reference/Introduction.html.

GitHub repo🔗

Visit https://github.com/learnbyexample/vim_reference for markdown source and other details related to the book.


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Hope you find it useful and fun to learn about the Vim editor. As always, I'd highly appreciate your feedback (you can also rate the books on Gumroad). Please do let me know if you spot any error or typo.

Issue Manager: https://github.com/learnbyexample/vim_reference/issues

E-mail: learnbyexample.net@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/learn_byexample

Happy learning :)